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Mono equivalent tools to .NET

See also Mono status report to see which .NET versions are implemented

Mono command line tools[]

Table 1. The table shows common Mono vs. Microsoft .NET command line development tools.
Mono Command Line Tool Microsoft .NET Command Line Tool Meaning in Life
al al The assembly linker utility is used to manipulate assembly manifests and build multifile assemblies (among other activities).
mcs/gmcs csc The C# language compiler.
mbas vbc The Visual Basic language compiler.
gacutil gacutil Used to interact with the GAC.
mono (when specifying the -aot command option) ngen Performs a pre-compilation of an assembly's CIL code.
wsdl wsdl Generates client side proxy code for an XML Web services.
disco disco Discovers the URLs of XML Web services located on a Web server.
xsd xsd Generates type definitions from an XSD schema file.
sn sn Used to generate key data for a strongly named assembly.
monodis ildasm The CIL disassembler.
ilasm ilasm The CIL assembler.
xsp2 webdev.webserver A testing and development web server for ASP.NET 2.0 applications.

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)[]

Table 2. Here's a sampling of Mono-aware IDEs.
Mono-aware IDE Runs on Windows? Runs on Unix \ Linux? Runs on Mac OS X? Open Source?
SharpDevelop Yes No No Yes
MonoDevelop Yes, with difficulty Yes Yes Yes
X-Develop Yes Yes Yes No